April 15, 2014

Just in | kate + kate

The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_2 The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_4 The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_6 The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_12 The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_14 The Minimalist Store x k&k_brooke-holm_marsha-golemac_8

We now have these amazing blankets + throws by local duo Kate & Kate available from The Minimalist. Kate & Kate blankets and throws are oversized and incredibly generous. Designed with flexibility in mind, the blankets are the perfect size for babies, children, adults and the home. The throws are just that bit larger, but equally as adaptable.

The jaw dropping photography and styling of the above images is by Melbourne based Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm. A total dream team. x

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April 7, 2014

New in | Book binder

The Minimalist x white book binder by Menu

The principle behind the Book Binder is as simple as it is brilliant: Two end pieces of lacquered wood or raw oak are fastened with an elastic band. So books can stand freely on the floor, kitchen table or dresser – or wherever is most practical. If you have a collection of magazines or albums you want organised, then the Book Binder is just the thing. The elastic band also provides flexibility, allowing you to add or remove a book while maintaining a firm grip.